Mayor Rahm Emanuel declared a state of emergency late Saturday night after crews on Chicago’s south-side were no longer able to contain massive flooding.

The last 36 hours have taxed emergency services to the breaking point as flooding continues to rip through the Chicago neighborhood of Bronzeville. A translucent white sticky fluid has been flowing at such a high rate that it up to 6” deep in some areas, officials report.

Emanuel held a press conference at the Engine Company 19 Firehouse around 11:30 at night.

“Our primary focus right now is getting people to safety,” Emanuel emphasized. “If anyone is still in the warning area, they should leave immediately to prevent being stuck in the wake.”

The flooding appears to be coming from a condo near the corner of 35th and State, the area referred to as “ground zero.” Resident Steven Wang spoke to reporters after narrowly getting out alive: “I didn’t know what was going on at first, because I thought I had seen it before~ The fire department showed up just in time, and my buddies and I were able to get out just before the stairs flooded~”

Chicago Fire Department Commissioner David Haro Alonso said that firefighters and emergency workers have been “lucky” so far, as temperatures have remained above 30 degrees since the flooding started. However, the National Weather Service is forecasting it to drop tonight, causing additional complications. “I’ve been in the thick of it all weekend,” referring to the warm, salty liquid streaming uncontrollably; “I’ve seen things that I cannot describe.”

Officials noted that women, children, and dogs in heat should stay as far away from the fluid as possible to prevent unexpected pregnancy.